Looking for a New Career?

Our experienced instructors can help you train for and pass the three exams needed to start up your new career as a fully qualified driving instructor.

Part One

In The Theory of Driving test, you will face 100 multiple-choice questions and the Hazard Perception test. We can point you in the right direction to get started and help every step of the way.

Part Two

For The Driving Test, you will have to get your driving up to an advanced standard. The help and advice given by Hoop’s Driving Academy will give you the confidence to prepare and pass an advanced driving test.

Part Three

This is where we will teach how to give quality tuition to a standard high enough for you to be able to pass your part 3 test, allowing you to teach students & enjoy the freedom of choosing the hours & days you wish to work.

Changing Careers

Becoming a driving instructor is not only a wonderful way to make a good living, but we are self-employed, so if your enthusiastic and self-motivated and would like to know more, give us a ring, we are happy to talk about our lives as driving instructors.

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